• Neo Prodigy 5 Pad Football Girdle

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2014 Neo Prodigy Are In A League Of Their Own.

Ultra light-weight 2014 prodigy girdles are one of the highest rated lines of protective gear on the market. 4-way stretch material gives wearer a full range of motion, while keeping a heightened level of compressibility. It is this compression attribute that activates Neo Prodigy's anti-slide feature, helping keep padding correctly positioned during intense competition.

Maintaining a cooler core body temperature increases player endurance, while decreasing chances of heat exhaustion.

Neo Prodigy's padding serves two functions; Impact dispersion and heat exchange. Composed of ultra light-weight perforated polyethylene; padding absorbs direct impacts while perforations in padding allow for body heat to escape from skin. 

  • Machine washable

  • Built in Cup Pocket