Stock Uniforms Vs. Custom Uniforms 

Neo Athletics offers both stock and custom uniforms for various reasons. Clients sometimes need to have an extremely quick turn-around, and because our custom uniforms take approximately 6-8 weeks for production this is not a viable option. With our stock uniforms they are on hand, and ready to ship out as soon as soon as a client requests it. Our stock uniforms currently come in red, blue, black, and white. When it comes to our custom uniforms the quality of the uniform is improved, you will have your tackle twill name and numbers, and the look of the custom uniform will be in another world compared to stock uniforms. Our stock football uniforms currently come in red, blue, black, and white. Our stock football uniforms currently come in red, blue, black, and white. Our stock football uniforms currently come in red, blue, black, and white. Our stock football uniforms currently come in red, blue, black, and white. 


Custom Uniforms Vs. Sublimated Uniforms

Neo Athletics offers two different types of custom uniforms. We have a custom traditional uniform line, and a custom sublimation uniform line. Both types of these custom uniforms take 6-8 weeks for production. The difference between our traditional uniform line and sublimation line is that our sublimated uniforms are where you can really bring your organization to life. With sublimated designs we can get as crazy and unique as you desire with sublimated designs varying from team name to relevant images custom to your organization. With our custom traditional uniforms you can still customize everything you want such as your team name, logo, fit, and colors, but it will not have any  unique sublimation designs on the uniform. 


Tackle Twill Vs. Screen Printed Name & Numbers

 Tackle Twill is the preferred choice for both professional sports franchises and school athletic organizations when decorating jerseys and uniforms. Tackle twill numbers and names are designed to have a more elegant look than screen printed names and number by using embroidery stitching to give it a bold and professional look.


Screen Printed is a heat applied transfer where the names and number are pressed onto the uniform. While it is still a great look it is not as high of a quality as tackle twill. 


What are T.V. numbers?

 T.V. numbers are simply the numbers that you see on the shoulders or sleeves of the uniform so that you can see the players number during a televised event. You will notice while watching professional and collegiate football that the players have numbers on their shoulders or sleeves. This is so that even from above during a televised event you can still see the players number to identify them. These T.V. numbers can be applied to the jersey using either the tackle twill or screen printing method. 


 What is Wiki-Fit?

Wiki-Fit is a high performance microfiber, polyester fabric that keeps sweat away from the body, and evaporates on the fabric’s surface. As a result, Wiki-Fit keeps athletes dry and comfortable. Wiki-Fit fabric is used by Neo Athletics products which include our compression shirts, uniform lines and Neo Speed socks.  Wiki-Fit fabric is designed of strategically placed ventilation areas to allow air flow, and cool the body’s critical areas. Neo Athletics Wiki-Fit apparel features durable and comfortable stretch fabric to move moisture away from your skin. The end result is helping you to stay cool during intense competition. 


 Wiki-Fit Care Instructions           

In general, follow these tips for Wiki-Fit care:

  • Machine wash inside-out in cold water with like colors
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do no use dryer sheets or fabric softener (if you inadvertently use a dryer sheet or fabric softener, simply rewash the garment with detergent)
  • Do not dry clean

If you need to iron your Wiki-Fit, use the cool setting to avoid ironing any logos or designs.


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