- Touchdown 6 points

- 1 point Conversion from 5 yard line

- 2 Point Conversion from 10 yard line

- Interception 3 points for defense (Ball is dead immediately upon INT, no returning)

- Defensive Stop 2 points for defense

- No points are awarded to defense for a stop or interception during a 1 or 2 point conversion

- The defense can only receive points for an interception or defensive stop. They can’t receive points for both within the same possession. In other words the 2 additional points for a defensive stop can’t be awarded to the defense in the event the possession was stopped by interception (3 points). It’s one or the other.


Field Dimensions


- 40 Yard Field

- Down markers are at the 25 and 10 yard lines (15 yard 1st Down Margins)

- Offense has 3 downs to get a 1st Down

- Offense has 3 downs to get a TD once inside the 10 yard line


    Clock Management


    - Games will have a 20 minute running clock

    - The last 2 minutes would be real game time with clock stoppage if there is an incomplete pass, players runs out of bounds, or defensive penalty

    - There is a 25 second play clock. Delay of game would result in a 5 yard penalty

    - Each team is allowed 1 timeout per game in single elimination games only. No timeouts are allowed in the Day 1 Preliminary games

    - Day 1: 25 Minute running clock with NO stoppage in the last 2 minutes. You are allowed 1 Timeout per game
    - Day 2: 25 Minute running clock with real time stoppage in the last 2 minutes. Stoppage in last 2 minutes can be caused by incomplete passes, running out of bounds, and defensive penalties. You are allowed 1 Timeout per game.

    In Game Rules


    - There will be 2 referees assigned for each game on Day 1. One stands behind the QB and the other on the sideline

    - There will be 3 referees assigned for each game on Day 2. One ref behind QB and 2 sideline referees

    - Referee behind the QB is responsible for listening to the buzzer from the QB Tee for the 4 second sack count.

              - Ball must be snapped from off the tee

              - If the ball is not released after the 4 second count the play is dead and the ball is spotted where the QB was standing at the time of the sack. SACKS RESULT IN A LOSS OF DOWNS.

              - If sack occurs beyond the 40 yard line to ball is spotted at the 40 yard line

    - Running Plays are allowed from under center or shotgun but they can only be straight handoffs, RB Draws, or Jet Sweeps.

    - There are no tosses, options, pitches, direct HB snaps, double reverses, flea flickers, or double passes allowed. The QB is NOT allowed to run with the ball past the line of scrimmage.

    - No rushing the QB allowed

    - Ball carrier is ruled down if touched by one hand below the neck

    - If ball carrier is touched above the neck the play continues until a legal tackle is engaged. Then there will be an additional 5 Yard penalty tacked on after the play.

    - The defender may not leave his feat when making a touch

              - If the defender leaves his feet to make a stop then there will be a 10 yard penalty added to the end of the play or half the distance to the goal if inside the 10 yard line

    - Any unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct would result in a 10 yard penalty after the play and automatic first down. Could go either way…+10 yards for offense if penalty on defense or -10 yards if penalty on offense

              - Unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct on the defense will result in an automatic 1st down

              - Unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike conduct on the offense will result in a loss of down

    - Fighting is not tolerated. Any fighting would result in automatic ejection for the entire day for any players involved

    - Referees may eject a player from a game at anytime if a player commits multiple personal fouls

    - There is no blocking or pick plays allowed…results in 5 yard penalty for offense from spot of the foul

    - The defense is allowed to jam the WR’s for first 5 yards. For safety reason no additional contact is allowed.

    - All other regular FHSAA rules apply to other penalties…Pass Interference, Holding, etc.


    Overtime Rules


    - Overtime will only occur during the single elimination tournament on Day 2. Tie games at the end of regulation in Day 1 of the preliminary games will result in a tie

    - Coin Flip for offensive or defensive options

    - Each team gets at least 1 offensive possession starting from the 10 yard line (3 downs)

    - In the event of a TD the scoring team must go for a 2 point conversion

    - Offensive and Defensive possessions would rotate in the event the game went to an extra overtime(s)


    Coaching & Sideline Rules


    - All Players and Coaches must stay in between the 25-40 yard lines

    - Only the eligible players may be on the field. Teams cannot keep extra players behind the huddle or play. - Substitutions must be made from the sideline.

    - Only 1 coach is allowed in the offensive huddle. That coach may use play cards if he chooses

              - Once the offensive coach gives his team the play he must move away from the QB outside the hashes

              - Before or during the play the coach may not instruct an audible or instruction where to throw to

              - However, if you are signaling plays to your team the sideline you give an audible to your team

    - Coaches are not allowed on the field while their team is on defense

    - The Defensive Coach may cross the 25 yard line on the sideline or even coach from behind the endzone once the ball is moves past the 25 yard line. This rule only applies to 1 coach. Multiple coaches are not allowed to cross the 25 or move behind the end zone.

    - Any direct violation of these rules would allow the referee to give an initial warning then any additional violation would result in a 5 yard penalty.

    - All media or scouting personnel has access to anywhere on the sidelines