• Dec 10 2014

    Neo Athletics Partners With The FSYFL

    Who Is The FSYFL?

    The Florida Spring Youth Football League is truly the premier spring youth football league in Florida. The FSYFL has done a fantastic job of growing its youth football league of the years. With having just under 40 football teams in 2009, the FSYFL now has over 220 youth football teams across Florida. With so many great organizations, well trained referee's, playing in the spring weather which is absolutely gorgeous in Florida, and a very exciting football tournament layout, the FSYFL has created a well structured youth football organization. Over the years Neo Athletics has been a trusted source of custom football uniforms for the FSYFL by supplying upwards of 500 custom football jerseys per year to the organization.


    Why Does This Partnership Matter To Me?

    Through this partnership Neo Athletics offers dealer pricing to all FSYFL teams which equates to 10% off 2015 custom football uniform orders, but the deal is exclusive for FSYFL member organizations only! To become apart of the FSYFL is easy. Register your football team through the FSYFL website and get your equipment code. After that all you have to do is call Neo Athletics with that equipment code, and you will receive up to 10% off your custom uniform order for 2015! This year Neo Athletics has partnered with the FSYFL to create an unmatched quality offer for the all athletes and coaches apart of the Florida Spring Youth Football League. Neo Athletics offers their premier custom football line which consists of custom football uniforms, 7 padded football girdles, Protective padded football shirts, and custom football team apparel. Neo Athletics is honored to have the opportunity to partner with the FSYFL, and together are truly redefining possibilities for everyone associated inside both organizations. 

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